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12V Battery Monitor BM6 for Android IOS

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12V Battery Monitor BM6 for Android IOS QUICKLYNKS Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 12V Battery Monitor BM6 Car Battery Health Monitoring APP Battery Tester

  • Electronic: No
  • Material Type: Platic
  • Item Weight: 0.02kg
  • Item Height: 1.5cm
  • Item Width: 4.2cm
  • Item Length: 5.5cm
  • External Testing Certification: ce
  • Voltage: 6V-20V
  • Special Features: Bluetooth
  • Model Name: BM6
  • Software Version: Newest
  • Hardware Version: New Version
  • Item Type: Battery Testers
  • Brand Name: QUICKLYNKS
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: RoHS,FCC,CE
  • Operating Temperature: -40 – 90℃
  • Current: 1.5mA
  • Voltage Accuracy: ±0.03V
  • Language: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

BM6 VS BM2 VS BT2000

Battery Monitory BM6

12V Battery Monitor BM6 for Android IOS

Main Functions:

1.Receives notifications of battery conditions in Bluetooth range.
2.Checks vehicle cranking system automatically while engine is starting.
3.Checks charging system (alternator)
4.Lists the time of each driving.
5.Alerts mobile phone if detects abnormal data.
6.Short-circuit and reverse connection protection.
7.Data stored in battery monitor up to 35 days if out of sync.
8.Automatic synchronization when in Bluetooth range.
9.Compatible with all 12V vehicle batteries.
10.Shows historical data graphically.
11.Engine starting detection automatically.
12.Free app for iOS and Android.
13.Support multi-battery management
14. Exclusive private account, data will not be lost
15.Car location seeking function via google map.
16. Trip record with map and route.
17.Works with all 12V batteries./Wireless (Bluetooth 4.0) in10 meter./ Software included for Android and iPhone./All Apps for Android and iPhone are designed by ourselves,download for free via Internet


Basic Features:

1.Alert users if charge is low.
2.Review charge history in graph mode.
3.Show the state of charge of battery in real time.
4.Near-Filled perception to get notification automatically.

Support mobiles: 

All iOS and Android smart phone with Bluetooth 4.0
iOS (iPhone 4S,5, 5C, 5S and later;iPad 2,iPad Air,iPad mini,iPad mini 2 and later)
Android: at least Android 4.3 (support for Bluetooth 4.0 phones)

Vehicle Coverage

All 12V batteries, including motorcycle, car, SUVs, MPVs, light trucks, trucks, and boats.
Including the Lead-Acid, AGM, GEL, EPB batteries.

Package including:

1pc x  Battery monitor BM6  +  1pc x manual
Color box package
Dimensions: Length: 102mm  *  Width: 70mm  *  Height: 26mm
Weight:  30g



1. Product Name: Battery Monitor
2. Bluetooth Version: 4.2
3. Bluetooth Name: BM6
4. Input Voltage: DC 6V ~ 20V
5. Voltage Accuracy (9V~16V): ±0.03V
6. Average Working Current: 1.5mA
7. Working Temperature: -40°C~90°C (-40°F~194°F)
8. Reverse Connection Protection: Built in
9. Short-circuit Protection: Built in
10. Waterproof: IP67
11. Physical Dimensions: (L)55mm x (W)41mm x (H)12.5mm

12.Currently supported languages: English, Russian, German and Chinese


DEVICE Installation

1. Firmly atach the Negative connector ( Black ) to the Negative battery terminal .

2. Firmly atach the Positive connector ( Red ) to the Positive battery terminal .

3. Fix the device to the batery case with the supplied double – sided tape .

NOTE:The device must be atached to the battery case , otherwise the accurate battery temperature wil not be obtained . Be careful not to choose a ventilated location , which will affect the temperature colection .


APP Installation

1. Scan the QR code of the product and download the app .

2. For Android phones , go to ” Google Play “, and for iPhones , go to " App Store ". Search for " Battery Monitor 6" to download the app.

3. When running the application for the first time , the app wil ask for some required permissions , all these are necessary , please select all opened or alowed.

NOTE:The Android app obtains the location permission for the Bluetooth scanning function , which is regulated by the Android system . Disabling this permission wil cause the device not to be scanned or Bluetooth scanning is slow . In addition , the track function also needs to obtain the location permission .

4. To run the application , it is necessary to register a login account . Android phones support Google , Facebook or Skype quick registration and login , and iphones support Apple ID , Facebook or Skype quick registration and login .

5. To add a device , it is necessary to fill in the device serial number , which can be Scanned by bar code or manually filled in . The serial number can be found on the package or shell.

6. The defaulted device name is the serial number , and it can also be modified manually . Fil in the fuel consumption according to the average fuel consumption .

NOTE:Incorrect fuel consumption or incorrect fuel price will result in inacCurate calculation of fuel costs .



· Phenomenon 1:

Need to enter a PIN code for Bluetooth connection ?

· Solution :

When Bluetooth switch is turned on , some mobile phones system will automaticaly list al nearby Bluetooth device name . Please just ignore this PIN code pop – up , this Bluetooth connection no need PIN code . Re – run the app wil automaticaly connect to the device .

· Phenomenon 2:

Bluetooth connect fail ?

· Solution :

Ensure that the Bluetooth switch of the mobile phone is turned on , and there are no other phones nearby to connect the device . Then try to restart the Bluetooth or restart the mobile phone . In addition , if the phone Bluetooth is connected with too many Bluetooth devices , it may alsO cause the Bluetooth not to connect properly .

· Phenomenon 3:

There is no track or parking position for the trip ?

· Solution :

1. Confirm that the GPS switch of the phone is turned on .

2. Confirm that the app has obtained the permission of the location service .

3. Confirm that the app is running and the device is connected .

4. Confirm that the " GPS Track Server " in the Settings of the app is turned on .

5. Confirm that the app can be started by itself and can run in the background . Detail shows at the end of this manual .

· Phenomenon 4:

There is no abnormal alarm notification ?

· Solution :

Go to the settings of the mobile phone and turn on the application notification permission .

· Phenomenon 5:

The display of battery power is inaccurate or no vehicle starting system data ?

· Solution :

Suitable for 12V lead – acid and LiFePO4 starting batteries of vehicle . If there is no in – vehicle usage scenario , such as no engine start behavior , the power may be inaccurate and there is no start data .

· Phenomenon 6:

The vehicle charging system cannot be tested ?

· Solution :

The test needs to be performed during engine running . It supports all ordinary alternators , and does not support smart alternators . If the test still does not work , please check with the vehicle manufacturer whether it is a smart alternator .

· Phenomenon 7:

 The fuel cost statistics are inaccurate ?

· Solution :

Check whether the fuel consumption per 100KM and the fuel price are correctly filled in .

· Phenomenon 8:

The position or trajectory is sometimes correct , sometimes incorrect or not obtained ?

· Solution :

If the app can ‘ t be self – started and run in the background , the location data cannot be obtained . It is necessary to give theapp the permission to self – start and run in the background , this needs to be operated in the settings of the phone .

1. Samsung mobile phone :

(1) Alow background activity

Setings 一 Apps 一 find the BM6 app 一 Battery turn on the switch of " Allow background activity ".

(2) Alow self - starting

Setings – Device care – Battery 一 find the BM6 app – turn off the switch of ” Put app to sleep “.

2. Huawei mobile phone :

Settings – Apps – App launch – find the BM6 app and select ” Manage manualy " Enable ” Auto – launch "、" Secondary launch " and ” Run in background " at the same time .


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