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PIC experimental development board/ board K18 luxury package with A video tutorial PIC microcontroller learning board

HL -K18 development board USES the original device, not only the performance is stable, and very powerful. Onboard PICKit2 simulators, programming can be developed directly Kit2 emulators, supported by a whole series of DIP package PIC microcontroller model, include: 10 12 14 f/f/f / 16 f/f / 16, 18 DSPIC etc. Eight feet to 40 pin chip learning and development, at the same time support on STC company production of 8 feet and 40 feet all 51 single chip microcomputer, is cut in the highest ratio of PIC microcontroller development board.
– HL K18 development board is also the current PIC series development board, the maximum number of integration module integration have 30 module, learning content, the more you will learn more knowledge, please see the following details:
HL- K18 development board adopts open design will I/O port USES multiple rows of needle guide way, broke through a microcontroller development board can only learn the boundaries of a single chip microcomputer chip, let a board at the same time support the development of a variety of different MCU chip, board locking a chip of 3 m (can be easily put eight feet to 40 feet chips) :
PICKit2 programming emulator role: to hundreds of 8 to 40 pin PIC single-chip microcomputer for on-line programming and debugging of hardware simulation, and the simulator is a beginner and professional developers need to choose, can help you quickly online check errors in the program, easily across the most difficulties in the development of single chip microcomputer “program debugging stage.
Details – HL K18 development board experiment shows: (because of shooting environment image color error below, please note)
1, 8 by 8 dot matrix characters rolling experiment: (support development 8 LED light water)
2, DS1302 clock module, through LCD1602 LCD display experiment:
3, DS18B20 temperature sensor, it tests the surrounding temperature change (learn) :
4, 5, line 4 phase stepping motor control experiment:
5, through the onboard PWM signal to dc motor deceleration control experiment: (can support expanding 4 dc motor and 4 road relay module)
6, the use of infrared remote control development board lights and turn off the lights (or infrared decoding experiments) :
7, below is via a serial port to realize the SD card data read, realize serial communication and SD card expansion experiment: (note: this package without a SD card, need to buy another)
8, AD conversion experiment (known as: analog-to-digital conversion), AD collected can be variable value by adjusting the potentiometer to eight leds show the numerical signal intensity (programmable through the liquid crystal display, do a simple voltmeter) :
9, 2.4 inch TFT color screen development experiment, through the change of the temperature acquisition module to monitor indoor temperature around, do a real temperature curve monitoring equipment, (digital photo frame, color can also showed that the Chinese characters, graphics, etc. The experiment shows the amount is four times that of ordinary 12864 liquid crystal display) : warm reminder – this is not a package shipment delivery color, need to click on this text into another purchase.
Learning and development, support 12864 LCD screen 10 (note: only support our green 12864 LCD screen, need to click on this text into buying)
11, the latest support the development of the digital potentiometer (note: application engineer in debugging, will soon be available)
12, support the development of capacitive touch the latest (note: application engineer in debugging, will soon be available)
We develop the practical application of skills and development on the basis of the ability of the products: emphasize the learners as the main body, the basic structure framework, left you unlimited play her own space. SCM experiment development system, can adapt to the basic verification from the PIC microcontroller experiment to develop sex, systemic experiment, development and application for everyone provides a multi-function experimental platform.

Type A basic package presented the following configuration:

K8- PIC development board 1 set of HL (integrated kit2 programming simulator)
LCD1602 LCD 1 piece
8 by 8 LED dot matrix 1 piece
Infrared remote control (1 shipment with good battery) when
One quality reduction step motor
5 v dc motor 1 (need) diy welding cable wiring,
Real-time temperature sensor 18 b20 (1 shipments on the development board, pay attention to check)
Photoelectric speed sensor 1
PIC18F4520 microcontroller 1 piece
Different types of crystals 4 pieces (including one before shipment on board, pay attention to see)
High quality dupont line 10
9 needle direct serial port 1 root (computer friend without a serial port, please click here to turn into the replacement USB serial port)
High quality USB cable 1 root (different) in color random, likely to figure
Several jumper cap (before shipment loading on board, generally have more to send spare)
Teaching kit DVD disc 1 piece (including on-board resources routine circuit diagram + + + + graphic video tutorial tutorial various development software + detailed learning materials, electronic books, etc.)
HL- K18 classic principle diagram is introduced:


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