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MSP430F149 development board msp43 MCU development board

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වැඩ කරන දින 10 – 20 පමණ ගත වේ.
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MSP430F149 development board /msp43 MCU development board / experiment board / learning board with USB Download

  • DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE

Plate loadedUSBDownloader module,LED display,Key,relay,Buzzer,Real time clock,DA,AD,485Communication module,serial communication ,Stepper motor,DC motor,Nixie tube display module,Four wireless module interfaces,1602/12864LCD interface,Color screen expansion interface, etc,It’s a very experimental board;The development board has good expansibility,Clear design idea,OneUSBOnline download and learning,Is a very suitable for junior high school scholars to learn SCM experimental board.


Hardware resources are described as follows:

01.Main chipMSP430F149Microplate,Pluggable,Easy replacement;

02.OnboardUSBDownloader,OneUSBThe program can be downloaded through the line,convenient,Economics;For laptop customersNo need to buy an emulatorTo download,This module can also be realized by connecting the single chip microcomputer with DuPont lineUSBTo serial port communication;

03.alonePower module,Input power is DC5VperhapsUSBof5VPower Supply,Exportable5Vand3.3VVoltage,All power pins are out,Expansion during convenient experiment;

04.8positionLEDLuminescent tube,Can doWater lamp experimentAnd lamp indication test;

05.8Bit nixie tube display module,TestableDigital tube displayAnd indication experiment;

06.useMAX232Realize two-way serial port communication,Can doserial communication ,Realize communication and control between upper computer and lower computer;

07.MAX485chip,realization485Communication experiment;

08.4*4Dot matrix key,realizationLattice scanning experiment;

09.4Bit independent key,Realize commonKeyIOInput and interrupt test;

10.ULN2003chip,realizationStepper motor and DC motordrive control experiment;

11.SN74LVC4245chip,experiment3.3VLevel direction5VLevel conversionexperiment;

12.DS1302chip,Real realityClock experiment,Plate loaded toDS1302Powered battery,RightingDS1302Time continuity of,Does not stop working with the power failure of the motherboard;

13.AT24C02chip,realizationE2PROMStorage and reading of,adoptI2CBus de experiment;

14.DSC5571chip,experimentDAConversion experiment;

15.Two wayADinput,experimentADConversion experiment;

16.Integrated infrared receiver,experimentInfrared receiving and decoding experiment;

17.OneReset button,Reset the single chip microcomputer;

18.One circuit of relay that can be connected to high voltage control,realizationRelay controlexperiment;

19.All the wayBuzzerexperiment,Audible,Alarm test, etc;

20.OnboardFour common wireless module interfaces,includeNRF905,CC1100,NRF24L01,NRF2401A,CC2500Wireless module;Experimental wireless data transmission,Wireless control and other experiments;

21.PS2Keyboard input interface,can?Dee?keyboard entryexperiment;

22.Plate loaded1602and12864LCD interface,Testable1602and12864liquid crystalDisplay experiment;

23.Extension interface,It can be connected to the dot matrix Chinese character display module developed by our store,Voice module,Color screen module,Sensor expansion module, etc;

24.StandardJTAGInterface,The simulator can realize online debugging and downloading of the main chip through this interface;

25.Main chipAll pinsIOAll have been exported,Welded row needle,Convenient to expand the experiment and yourselfDIYexperiment;All of theModules are designed independentlyof,And the main chip are connected with each other through jumper caps,Remove the jumper cap if some application modules are required,Connect the control experiment through DuPont line or other aspects,All modulesIOControl can also be combined arbitrarily,Provide customers with more room to play;


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