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RC Tank Metal Tank Chassis Tractor

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වැඩ කරන දින 10 – 20 පමණ ගත වේ.
මෙම අයිතමය ඔබ ඇනවුම් කල පසු මෙහි සියලුම යාවත් කාලීන කටයුතු e-mail මගින් සිදු කෙරේ

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RC Tank Metal Tank Chassis Tractor Crawler App Control Scout Trolley Car with Movable Camera Robot for Openmv Esp32 S3 Robot Car

  • Power Source: Electric
  • Theme: Animals & Nature,Transportation,Fantasy & Sci-Fi,Occupations,Sports,Music
  • Warning: Can not get water
  • Model Number: RC Tank
  • Brand Name: YoufangSmart
  • Recommend Age: 14 y
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Feature 1: Robot Car Kit For Arduino Uno
  • Operating Temperature: International Standard
  • Application: Electric Toy
  • Condition: New
  • Feature 2: smart robot car kit for project
  • Feature 3: Electronic kit
  • Feature 4: Smart Car Kit for Starter
  • Feature 5: Smart car kit 4wd
  • Feature 6: App Control
  • Feature 7: Programmable board
  • Feature 8: School experiments
  • Feature 9: ESP32-S3
  • Feature 10: RC Tank
  • Feature 11: Tractor Crawler Balance Car
  • Feature 12: Esp32 Wifi RC Scout Robot
  • Feature 14: High-tech toy
  • Feature 15: Metal Tank Chassis
  • Feature 16: Mini Scout trolley

Youfang Smart is smarter, tech, and healthier

We are the sales No.1 in the toy industry, specializing in the development of science and technology, technology, education and teaching enterprises. This programming robot car is a new, very intelligent teaching programming robot car designed by our institute, but also the enlightenment of children and engineers to learn education, we will release more technology, education, health new products from time to time, can be used as children’s toy gifts, adult learning demoboard.I believe you will like our robot car.

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RC Tank Metal Tank Chassis Tractor Crawler App Control Scout Trolley Car with Movable Camera Robot for Openmv Esp32 S3 Robot Car


1. The robot can be controlled with an Android phone and a remote control, both with live images.

2. Remote control distance depends on WiFi coverage, generally about 50 meters, you can also directly use the mobile phone or remote control with its own hot spot.

3. The default firmware is not open source, but open source circuit diagram and reference routines, such as basic diagram transmission, voice control car, visual recognition, etc.

4. The owner transplanted openmv firmware for the robot, that is, it can easily write machine vision functions through python, such as tracking obstacle avoidance, image recognition, etc.


Your biggest concern!

Can you control it remotely? No, currently, communication can only be done at the same router or hot spot, and the distance is usually only tens of meters.

Will the future be remotely controlled? Maybe it can and will try to upgrade.

Can it be used in pipeline survey? The following conditions should be met: the road condition is good, the distance is within 50 meters, the non-metallic pipeline (metal pipeline will shield the signal), and the last one is to consider the problem of losing contact.

How long can the robot run stably? Generally, the robot runs stably. If it cannot be controlled due to any accident, it will restart after a few seconds and automatically restore the connection. The battery can run for more than 30 minutes.

With what control? Play with your hands? Currently only support Android APP and remote control, the robot is a finished product, hand can play.

Can provide robot source code

Is there a routine? . Currently, only the reference routines of the old version are available, and the new version is not available. The Arduino routines will be updated later

What information is provided? Circuit diagram, APP, robot firmware, do not provide any development and teaching services. Can it be redeveloped? You can refer to the circuit diagram and routines (later) to develop by yourself, the CPU is ESP32-S3, development failure can brush firmware recovery function.

Robot parameter

APP running system only Android APP, not Apple APP

Continuous operation time is about 0.5-1 hours, focusing more power consumption

Main control chip ESP32-S3, dual-core 240MHz

The driving speed is adjustable, and the second speed is 10cm

Camera Model OV2640/OV5640 (Zoom)

The camera Angle is fixed and cannot be adjusted

Image resolution can be set, the minimum 240*176, the maximum 1600*1200, recommended not to exceed 1024*768

Robot remote control distance if not through the router generally only more than ten meters, through the router to see how the router is distributed, such as the office may be covered by the whole floor, it can be controlled

Image quality: configurable

Frame rate: The lower the image quality and resolution, the higher the frame rate, generally in the range of 1-10 frames

Remote: Only LAN is supported

Lighting: Multilevel dimming

Audio APP, remote control does not 80mm*45mm*32mm

Charging: Rechargeable, off charging

Robot size 80mm*45mm*32mm

Robot small screen optional

The charging time is about 1 hour. After the charging is complete, the indicator is off

Note: In the future, this robot will be issued with new rubber tracks, the effect is shown in the picture, very silky.

Best Quality, Best Service !!!


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