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Multi Axis Robotic Arm for Arduino

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Multi Axis Robotic Arm Industrial Stepping Metal Manipulator for Arduino 2560 Robot DIY Kit with Suction Cup/Stepper Motor Claw

  • Power Source: Electric
  • Theme: Animals & Nature,Transportation,Fantasy & Sci-Fi,Occupations,Sports,Music
  • Warning: Can not get water
  • Model Number: Multi Axis Industrial Stepping Robotic Arm Frame
  • Brand Name: YoufangSmart
  • Recommend Age: 14 y
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Feature 1: Manipulator Robot Arm
  • Feature 2: Mechanical Robotic Arm
  • Feature 3: Multi Axis Robotic Arm
  • Feature 4: Start Kit
  • Feature 5: Multi axis Robot
  • Feature 6: DIY KIT
  • Feature 7: Programmable Arduino
  • Feature 8: Robot Stepper Kit
  • Feature 9: Multi-Degree-Of-Freedom 3-xis Robot ar
  • Feature 10: Industrial Stepping Metal Manipulator Model
  • Feature 11: Multi-Dof Industrial Robotic Model
  • Feature 12: Stepping
  • Feature 13: Stepping Robotic Arm
  • Material: Metal
  • Feature 14: Metal
  • Feature 15: With Servos
  • Feature 16: Large Suction Air Pump
  • Feature 17: Stepper Motor
  • Feature 18: For Arduino




Controller: Arduino 2560, ATMEGA2560

After the stepping robotic arm is closed (normal state).

Length 16.5 cm, width 21.3 cm, height 28 cm.

The maximum extension is 28 cm (base to top suction cup)

The effective travel range of the rail slide table is 39 cm.

The Grab weight of the robotic arm is about 500g.


With motion algorithm, x, y, z inverse solution, all metal architecture.

The host computer of the PC and the host computer of the mobile phone is an independently developed host computer. The host computer includes the PC and the mobile phone. Each movement can be edited as a separate movement speed and delay, the same group movement can be fast, slow, delay the set time. In the computer com serial port is not connected, it can be controlled through Bluetooth, and it can be controlled by PC and mobile phone at the same time. We will continue to update more features, and then provide a free upgrade of the upper computer software.


We will continue to develop more excellent products. : Mechanical arms and kits are shipped in bulk. Provide assembly instructions for users to assemble themselves. You need to prepare a 12v 5A power supply. Below is the actual shot


The E axis slide table can be installed according to the requirements. The total length of the E axis slide table is 540mm as shown below


The stepping gripper shown in the picture can be optionally installed, or other grippers in the store can be optionally installed by adding an end expansion kit.


Package List:

1.Only robot arm frame: 1 set robot arm frame(only metal part,without motor,without controller)


2.Without control: 1 set robot arm (with motor, without control board ,without slideway)


3.Full set all part: 1 set robot arm + control board + Power adapter(Free gift)+ slideway     +  4 suction cup + 1 set step motor claw + Servo parts(Free gift)



1.All kits are unassembled ,need to DIY.


2. Technical documentation can be provided to you free of charge, please contact us.



1. Samsung mobile phone may not be compatible with our Android APP, if the mobile phone can’t find this WIFI, please change to a mobile phone that is not a Samsung brand.


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