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EX3G-H Series HMI/PLC all-in-one

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EX3G-H Series HMI/PLC all-in-one

Product features:

1. Structure
Highly integrated, compact structure, cost saving and space saving.

2. Programming Software

HMI: Adopts CoolMayHMI touch screen programming software.

PLC: Compatible with Mitsubishi Works 2/ GX Developer 8.86.

3. Input

Digital input: Max 30 channels digital input.

Analog input: Up to 5 AD inputs can be installed.

Optional: E/K/S/T/J thermocouple/PT100/PT1000/NTC10K/NTC50K/NTC100K/ 0~10V/0~5V/0~20mA/4-20mA/ 5V~5V/-10V~10V or mixed type and other special specifications (thermocouple supports negative temperature).

4. High-speed counting input

Single phase 6 channels 60KHz high-speed counting or 2 channels AB (Z) phase 60KHz plus 1 channel AB phase 10KHz.

5. Output

Digital output: Max 30 outputs (Y0~Y3 are MOS tubes).

Option: Relay(MR) or transistor(MT) or mixed(MRT); Relay output: max load 5A, transistor output: max load 500mA.

Analog quantity: 2 DA outputs can be installed at most.

Option :0~10V/0~5V/0~20mA/4~20mA/mixed/-5~5V/-10~10V(2DA for 1 minus voltage).

6. High-speed pulse output

Support 8-channel pulse output. Y0-Y3 is 100KHz, Y4-Y7 is 10KHz; high-speed counting plus high-speed pulse total transmission cannot exceed 480KHz.

7. Communication

Support RS232 communication, and optional RS485/CAN/WIFI/network port (support Mitsubishi programming port protocol/MODBUS protocol/RS protocol/BD board protocol).

8. Program encryption

Support PLC special encryption, completely prohibit reading programs, and protect users’ intellectual property rights.

EX3G-H Series HMI/PLC all-in-oneEX3G-H Series HMI/PLC all-in-oneEX3G-H Series HMI/PLC all-in-oneEX3G-H Series HMI/PLC all-in-oneEX3G-H Series HMI/PLC all-in-oneEX3G-H Series HMI/PLC all-in-one

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