This Capacitive Proximity sensor is designed to detect the presence of metallic and non-metallic objects without physical contact, making it ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications. With its high sensitivity and fast response time, the LJC18A3-BZ/BX can detect objects from a distance of up to 8mm, ensuring accurate and reliable sensing even in harsh environments.

The sensor is easy to install and operate, with a simple two-wire connection and a compact design that allows it to be mounted in tight spaces. It also features a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of industrial use, including shock, vibration, and temperature fluctuations.

Whether you need to detect the presence of objects on a conveyor belt, monitor the position of machinery, or control the flow of materials in a production line, the LJC18A3-BZ/BX Capacitive Proximity Sensor is the perfect solution for your industrial automation needs. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the benefits of reliable and high-performance sensing technology.

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